Friday, August 20, 2010

We quacked up

Our hotel in Florida was right across the street from the Peabody hotel. My mom reminded us that the ducks walk twice a day and we should try to take Taylor to see them. Score! Great idea mom. So, after we got out of the pool and before Robbie's next conference we decided we would go down stairs, grab some ice cream (It's HOT in Florida people, don't judge us!), and head over to watch the ducks walk. We called ahead and were told they walk everyday at 11 and 5. We left the hotel at 4:45. We knew we'd be right on time! So we crossed the street and entered the Peabody. Once inside, we noticed it was eerily empty. So just started walking down the hall. Off a side hallway we noticed a hotel worker, Muhammad (his name should tell you a lot). Robbie asked him where the ducks were. He said follow this carpet around the corner and when it turns green, take that elevator to the mail lobby. There will be the ducks. We told him thanks and we were off. We walked for what seemed like miles and the carpet never changed colors. We never found an elevator, and there was still not a soul in sight. Finally, we got to a part of the hotel that was under construction. Down another long hallway comes another worker. Once again we ask, where are the ducks. The man takes us through the rubbish to an elevator, right this way. While we are waiting on the elevator the man looks at his watch. He says, you've probably already missed it. The ducks are very punctual! Whatever! Since when did ducks learn to tell time?? We looked at our watch. It was 5:02? Are you kidding? We've been walking inside this stinking hotel, lost, for 15 minutes. This is nuts! We got off the elevator and the man took us outside to the duck palace. Yep, we missed it! So, we started heading back to our hotel. It was almost time for Robbie's next conference to start. We take the elevators down to the lobby and head outside. We are about three blocks down further than when we started because we walked FOREVER inside the hotel. Although, I was very thankful for the air conditioning. This girl loves some AC! Anyway, off we go. It's beautiful and sunny outside when we start. About 5 minutes into our walk back to our hotel, without any warning, the bottom falls out. It is pouring rain...We quickly enter the first door we can get to and lo and behold, we're right back where we started from! Geesh, what an outing!

The Duck Palace

So sad we missed the ducks

The red carpet we would have seen the ducks walk down

They get their own elevator??

Taylor thought a little ninny would be good while waiting on the rain to stop!

I was prepared for the rain!! Thank goodness I put that umbrella in my purse last Christmas :)

We didn't get to see the ducks, but that outing made for a good laugh!!!