Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's hodgepodge

First things first. I changed my blog and it's name! What do you think? Honestly! I have been considering renaming it to something a little more fun, but I really liked the background before and I certainly had not planned on making any changes yesterday. However, when I published my post yesterday I noticed my blog had completely funked out. It was white and you couldn't read anything. After a while of hitting the refresh button, I realized it was a lost cause. I called Robbie and he told me I needed to just redo it and choose a background from the blogger site. I was so upset. Frankly, because the ones they offer aren't near as cute as the ones you can find through other sites. But, I didn't see any other choice. So, instead of just whining about it, I decided to whine about it while redoing it :) I found this one and once we got all the colors fixed just right, I actually became quite fond of it. It just looks so cozy...and so I appropriately renamed my blog "Pillow Talk". I mean, who hasn't curled up with a pillow and a best friend and shared the deepest darkest of secrets, laying there before you drift off to sleep?! Some of my best girlfriend moments were during a spend the night party, laying in bed with the lights off, and talking for hours!!! Anyway, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!!

Yesterday evening Taylor and I went to Hanceville with my mom and dad, and my niece, Rylee, to see my grandparents. My grandpa just turned 90 in January and he's the cutest old man you will ever meet. He wears his pants so high, that if he was a girl, they could double for a support bra! Anyway, it had been a while since we had seen them, so I was glad we got to go. We didn't stay too long because they had to go to the funeral home. One of their friends had passed away. We kept saying, "well lets go so they can get to the funeral home." And my grandpa's response. "Oh don't hurry off, they will still be there when we get there." haha!! Funny old man! I certainly know where my dad gets his sense of humor! Anyway, whenever someone dies it always makes me think about their death. Did they know Jesus? Did they know they were about to die or was it shock for the entire family...I'm so nosey so I guess that's why I want to know about everything!!! Well, I'm certainly not ready to die. I think I have a lot of living left to do, but I'm not scared about it. I am for certain I will spend eternity with Jesus! However, when I do die, I have one request. PLEASE BURY ME IN MY PAJAMAS!! My husband thinks this is a very stupid demand, but if I'm not buried in them, I will come back from the grave and haunt you! I mean, I'm asleep. I don't typically sleep in my jeans or Sunday dress. Don't argue with a dead lady. Just do it!! I'm making this request known because if you come to my viewing and I am not in my pj's please take my husband outside and beat him. Then, change my clothes!!

Now, changing gears. My husband has recently taken a new job at Fontaine 5th Wheel in Trusville. It's different hours then we were used to and that has taken some getting used to, but I think we are all adjusting to it well. Robbie is liking his job and it was a wonderful opportunity for our family. So, tonight is our first family/work get together. I'm a little anxious because I will be mingling with all the big whigs from Robbie's company. Most of them are quite a bit older than us, and I hope we aren't viewed as "the little kids." We are going to a Birmingham Barons baseball game. I'm new to liking baseball, but I think it will be a good time. This will be Taylor's first baseball game. I hope she loves it (and behaves)! I'll update you tomorrow on how tonight goes!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What the heck...

Obama was on The View today??? I see more than one thing wrong with this! Does he not have better things to do then be gossiping with Whoopi? I try to respect the position of president. However, I think he's one big goober!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Testy Tuesday!

So I realize I'm a bit testier today than I usually am. However, since I realize it I'm trying to cap it off! I think it's because I'm not getting the sleep I'm used to. Sweet sweet Taylor has slept badly the last three nights and momma is tired!

Anyway, today I had to go to Walmart. As if that doesn't make you testy even after the most restful nights sleep...but I loaded up and off we went. After climbing over the mounds of people on every isle and in front of every item I needed, I made my way to the front to check out. Only to find that there were about four registers open. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Everyone in Cullman County is in Walmart and you can only open four registers. (So, lets be honest. There were more than four registers open, but there certainly were not enough to handle the massive amount of people waiting in line.) I searched and found the shortest line, but still found myself three people back. That's ridiculous! I realize everyone is trying to get by with the barest amount of workrs, but I shouldn't have to wait in line 25 minutes just to checkout!

Then, on my way home I was sitting at a red light. Kind of daydreaming and possibly sleeping with my eyes open. The light turned green and I started to go. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a police car approaching very fast! He had to be doing at least 70! Let me add, he did not have his lights or sirene on. I thought to myself, surely he's on his way to a bad accident or burgulary. Something bad. So, I slowed and let him go on by. If I needed someone I wouldn't want them to be held up by traffic. Well crap no! He pulled into Dairy Queen! I understand people have to eat, but last time I checked an empty belly is no real emergency! Just because you drive a cop car doesn't give you a free pass to drive like a mad man! Now don't get me wrong, I don't usually drive the speed limit, but I certainly don't drive 7o through the middle of town. It really griped me! GRRR!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess what...

A few facts you may or may not know about me!!

1. I HATE the phrase "Rest in Peace"! I mean your dead, the only way for you to rest is in peace. Right? I've never heard a dead person complain about their nights sleep.

2. I love fresh, clean sheets on the bed. Ooohh, it's the best feeling to crawl into bed with non wrinkled sheets!

3. I'm not superstitious, but I have a thing against odd numbers. For instance, the volume in my car and on our televisions counts numerically. I can never let it land on an odd number...

4. I adore baby feet, but once you get old enough that they get stinky, they really gross me out! However, I am very thankful for the people who don't mind feet because I love a good pedicure!

5. I'd rather do any household chore than empty the dishwasher! Loading it is fine, but unloading? No thank you!

6. I have a shoe problem, I totally admit it. I own way to many pairs and I keep buying more. I love them. I think it's because it's the only part of my body that never changes size!!!

7. Growing up I always wanted to be a check out girl at Walmart. Secretly, I would still LOVE to do that job! It would be so much fun!

8. My favorite vacations are cruises. I'd go anywhere warm or nowhere at doesn't matter to me. Just float me out in the middle of the ocean and I'd be one happy lady!

9. I have twin kind of freaks my husband out, but I kind of like them. I wish Taylor had them too, but I don't think she does :(

10. I hate the starving children commercials that are on TV. No need to play "Amazing Grace" as background music, I am already crying from the photos.

11. I hate spiders, roaches, and all bugs in general. When there is one in the house, I squeal like a little girl and call for Robbie. It's like I freeze when I see one! YUCK!

12. I love mexican food!! Rosies? Yes please!

13. I hate chinese food! Not in the way that it's just not my favorite, but in the way that I would rather starve than eat it!!

14. I'm in love with Auburn football. Football season and everything about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

15. I think baseball pants should be tight and fitted and baseball hat bills should be bent. Whoever started the trend of baggy baseball pants and flat billed caps should be shot.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I used to be the dairy queen... :(

So, this morning started out in a very bad way...

I woke up around seven, and rolled over and loved on my sweet baby girl. Then I got up and used the bathroom. On my way back to the bed to get Taylor, I noticed Robbie had sent me a text saying to call him when I woke up. So I did. Robbie started the conversation with words you never like to hear, "I have some very bad news...". Trying to stay calm I said, "ok, what is it?". Robbie tells me that when he went into the garage to leave for work our breastmilk freezer was open and I had lost a good bit of my frozen breastmilk!!! We call it the breastmilk freezer because it stored only my frozen breastmilk. I had an entire upright freezer full of breastmilk. I was very upset. I probably should not have gotten as upset as I did, but I have so much emotion stored up in that milk. All the hard work I put into pumping it and saving it for Taylor. Thankfully, I'm still breastfeeding Taylor and the only time we used that milk was for her morning and night time oatmeal, but still. I loved the comfort all that milk brought me. Knowing that if something happend and Taylor stopped nursing or if I all of a sudden quit producing milk she would have enough to carry her well past her first birthday and right on into whole milk. On the positive, I didn't lose ALL of it. I still have a little less than half that stayed frozen. I probably don't have enough frozen to last until she's one, but I'll sure give her all I've got!!