Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess what...

A few facts you may or may not know about me!!

1. I HATE the phrase "Rest in Peace"! I mean your dead, the only way for you to rest is in peace. Right? I've never heard a dead person complain about their nights sleep.

2. I love fresh, clean sheets on the bed. Ooohh, it's the best feeling to crawl into bed with non wrinkled sheets!

3. I'm not superstitious, but I have a thing against odd numbers. For instance, the volume in my car and on our televisions counts numerically. I can never let it land on an odd number...

4. I adore baby feet, but once you get old enough that they get stinky, they really gross me out! However, I am very thankful for the people who don't mind feet because I love a good pedicure!

5. I'd rather do any household chore than empty the dishwasher! Loading it is fine, but unloading? No thank you!

6. I have a shoe problem, I totally admit it. I own way to many pairs and I keep buying more. I love them. I think it's because it's the only part of my body that never changes size!!!

7. Growing up I always wanted to be a check out girl at Walmart. Secretly, I would still LOVE to do that job! It would be so much fun!

8. My favorite vacations are cruises. I'd go anywhere warm or nowhere at doesn't matter to me. Just float me out in the middle of the ocean and I'd be one happy lady!

9. I have twin kind of freaks my husband out, but I kind of like them. I wish Taylor had them too, but I don't think she does :(

10. I hate the starving children commercials that are on TV. No need to play "Amazing Grace" as background music, I am already crying from the photos.

11. I hate spiders, roaches, and all bugs in general. When there is one in the house, I squeal like a little girl and call for Robbie. It's like I freeze when I see one! YUCK!

12. I love mexican food!! Rosies? Yes please!

13. I hate chinese food! Not in the way that it's just not my favorite, but in the way that I would rather starve than eat it!!

14. I'm in love with Auburn football. Football season and everything about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

15. I think baseball pants should be tight and fitted and baseball hat bills should be bent. Whoever started the trend of baggy baseball pants and flat billed caps should be shot.


  1. I think 15 is my favorite! Love you!

  2. Can I add that I hate word verification, what the heck!

  3. I don't think I knew that about your toes.. and a walmart check out girl? seriously?

  4. You and me babe check out girls at heart!! Love the sound of the beep when a product is scanned and of course the cash register with all its buttons and money!!
    I would like to add a Wendy's late night snack, frosty and French fries! oh and a cup of pickles to go please!