Thursday, July 8, 2010

I used to be the dairy queen... :(

So, this morning started out in a very bad way...

I woke up around seven, and rolled over and loved on my sweet baby girl. Then I got up and used the bathroom. On my way back to the bed to get Taylor, I noticed Robbie had sent me a text saying to call him when I woke up. So I did. Robbie started the conversation with words you never like to hear, "I have some very bad news...". Trying to stay calm I said, "ok, what is it?". Robbie tells me that when he went into the garage to leave for work our breastmilk freezer was open and I had lost a good bit of my frozen breastmilk!!! We call it the breastmilk freezer because it stored only my frozen breastmilk. I had an entire upright freezer full of breastmilk. I was very upset. I probably should not have gotten as upset as I did, but I have so much emotion stored up in that milk. All the hard work I put into pumping it and saving it for Taylor. Thankfully, I'm still breastfeeding Taylor and the only time we used that milk was for her morning and night time oatmeal, but still. I loved the comfort all that milk brought me. Knowing that if something happend and Taylor stopped nursing or if I all of a sudden quit producing milk she would have enough to carry her well past her first birthday and right on into whole milk. On the positive, I didn't lose ALL of it. I still have a little less than half that stayed frozen. I probably don't have enough frozen to last until she's one, but I'll sure give her all I've got!!


  1. God love you.. this morning was very traumatic. Can I tell you it made me feel good that you thought to call me for your tragedy? No matter what your dad says.. it is a tragedy!

  2. that is horrible! allison made fun of me the other day b/c i still have some milk in the freezer from march '08. she said i was a hoarder! LOL! i am the same as you though, it brings me comfort to know that if something horrible happened we could all survive on my frozen breastmilk, even if it is over 2 years old.