Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running day two!

So, yesterday was Tuesday. Which means it was time to run with Rachel again. I really wasn't dreading it like I thought I may. After our run on Sunday I felt pretty good. Then, my goodness, I woke up Monday morning and felt like I had had a date with Jillian. My legs were so sore I wanted to do as little walking as possible. Tuesday when I got up, I was still sore, but nothing like Monday. We met at my moms house around 5:15pm. Of course we had to chat with Kimbo for a little bit so we probably didn't actually get started until 5:30pm. We took off towards the high school. We noticed there were several other people running/walking around the school too. We hadn't been running long when we noticed a couple coming our way. They were walking and politely started to get over so us runners could pass. As the girl scooted she almost fell off the sidewalk! That was it. The hysterical laughing ensued with Rachel and I! I was laughing so hard I could hardly catch my breath, not to mention how impossible it was to pace my breathing while running or even run for that matter. We had to stop and walk. Whatever! It was well worth the calories we burnt laughing over that poor girls near fall. To realize how funny it was, you probably had to be there. I know that, but trust me when I say, it was Hi-Larious! Anyway, we carried on! We went further this run then we did on Sunday's and our pace improved by an entire minute. Go us! Or at least, go me since Rachel could leave me in her dust if she wanted to. We went 2.41 miles at a 13:55 pace. No world record, I know, but I'm a work in progress! In the end, the nit of the gritty is this: I'm still not in love with running. It's hard work and it hurts, but I certainly don't hate it like I thought I would. I'm still going to give it the full 8 week training period I promised. Be proud of me and stay posted for run day number three!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. You didn't tell me about the fall. That's funny!

  2. YAY BECCA! Go you! It takes time but you will get there in 8 weeks for sure as long as you stay motivated and determined! I love you bunches!

  3. And you have Josh running now too! Way to motivate Becca!