Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So, Friday the 13th was travel day one for us. We were headed to Orlando for Robbie to go to a Ron Paul political conference. This would be Taylor's 3rd flight and I was, again, nervous as to how she would act on the flight. The first 20 minutes were touch and go with some light fussing, but after some ninny it was smooth sailing until we got off the plane :)

Of course we would choose the rental car place with the longest line :( Oh well, they were the cheapest, so we waited!

After packing and unpacking the car three times in the blazing hot Florida heat, we were off! Since we couldn't check into the hotel until three we decided to drive to my old neighborhood and check out where I grew up. It was actually so sad to see how different it looked. My house looked different, my neighborhood looked different, and my elementary and middle school had completely changed!

This is the house I grew up in!

And this is my old elementary school. I liked it better the old way!

My middle school actually looked about the same except for this crazy blue sign.

My church actually looks exactly the same except for the obnoxious new green roofed building they added.

After our trip down memory lane we headed back to the hotel!! Not only was there a Ron Paul political conference going on this weekend there was also an annual Star Wars convention and a huge Indian wedding. Who knew I'd witness some many different people groups on this vacation! It was wild!

The pool at the hotel was huge! I couldn't wait to get in it!!! During one of Robbie's conference breaks, that's exactly what we did!!! Taylor loves the water!

On our drive in from the airport my eagle eyes spotted a COACH OUTLET!!!! So the last day we were in Orlando Robbie watched Taylor so I could go shopping. I've never owned a Coach purse, but my best friend, Rachel, has turned me on to them! Thanks Rach!!!

This place was huge and I could have spent A LOT of money here. I had a hard time deciding on this

or this

Thanks to modern technology, I texted Rachel and we decided on the first one! Had the blue one been a little more navy, I may have chosen it, but I just loved the grey one! Thanks honey, for watching Taylor. Looks like you guys had fun too!

On Sunday we made the two hour drive to my brothers house in St. Petersburg. The drive really wasn't bad. Taylor slept most of the way! And we were all very happy to see Jacob and Jonah!

I couldn't believe how much Jonah has changed in just three short months!

Robbie has always been a big baseball fan. I on the other hand, have not! In fact, I hated baseball. It's so boring. I mean who wants to watch 9+ innings of baseball and walk away with a score of 1-0? Not very exciting! It's just not like watching football. Anyway, a few months back Robbie and I read a book about Texas Rangers player, Josh Hamilton. He has a great story!! Since that book, I've been hooked on watching him play. Honestly, if the rangers aren't playing, I'm still not that interested in baseball. However, if they are, I'm all over it!!! It just so happened that the Rangers were playing a three game series against the Tampa Bay Rays while we were in town. So, Monday night Robbie and I, my brother and his wife, and our THREE kids packed up and headed to Tropicana field. The beauty of the entire evening...IT WAS AIR CONDITIONED!!! Thank you Lord! The rangers lost, but we had a great time anyway. The babies were fantastic!

Did I mention how fantastic it was that this field is INSIDE in the AIR CONDITIONING!!!

These babies were fantabulous!!!

This seemed like a super fast trip and I always hate to leave my family, but we had a great time!


  1. Great post! Loved all the pictures!

  2. I saw your old house last time we were in Orlando, and your church, and Josh's highschool. It was great to see where he had grown up, though the highschool looked like it needed an upgrade!

    What an amazing little trip, you three sure fit in a lot!

  3. Yay!!! Great bloggy blog... where was the story about the ducks??? So glad you are loving your Coach purse. Now, we just need to get one for Taylor!

  4. Becca! I love the picture of you and Taylor in the kitchen! You look so pretty! Also is that you new hair cut? I really like it!