Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Clause came EARLY!

After wading through our entirely way to packed holiday schedule, Rachel and I decided today was the day. We were getting together for our GIRLS ONLY Christmas party. The plan: to meet at MommaBo's house and head east to heaven, I mean THE LAKE!! It had been a while since Rachel had seen the progress and who doesn't love to get out of town?!? So we did. We loaded up all three kids and the miles of baggage that goes with them and we were off! Of course, the first thing sweet Addison yelled was TV!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! She's precious! She was right, we had Baby Songs playing on the DVD player in the car. As a side note, whoever invented DVD players along with whoever decided to put them in automobiles are forever on my list of people to love. In fact, if I ever meet you I may just plant a big, fat, wet one smack dab on your lips. It makes me so happy I just can't contain myself. You are pure GENIUS!! Anyway, back to us girls... We made the 40 minute drive to Guntersville and toured MommaBo and Papa's lake house. The progress they are making is fantastic and the house is UNREAL! I'm certain it will (or should) be in the next issue of Better Homes and Garden, or Southern Living magazine!!! After that we went to Mt.Fuji for lunch. And yes, you read correctly. I willingly went to eat lunch at a Japanese restaurant. However, my meal was very American. It consisted of salad with ranch dressing instead of ginger, and fried shrimp. I mean, who doesn't like fried shrimp?!? No rice and no soy sauce. Yuck! Plus, at this place they don't cook in front of you so it doesn't have that awful smell that usually turns my stomach. After lunch, we piled back in and headed home FOR PRESENTS!!! No matter how old I get, I still LOVE getting presents. And I tell you what, sister did NOT disappoint! For Taylor, the most adorable t-shirt. It says Miss Auburn written in rhinestones!!!! For me, season 2 of Gossip Girl, the cutest gold bangle bracelets, and the most perfect scarf. I can't wait to sport them both! Rachel, you know us so well! Thanks for a wonderful day MommaBo, RayRay, and all you sweet baby girls!

LOTS of love to you!

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  1. I immediately ran home and scoured through my closet to look for something to wear with my red booties!! LOVE. I found some shorts to fit but my patterned tights are MIA. FAIL. Had a blast today!!! Addy won't stop talking about when we can go to the lake again.