Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

ATTENTION PEOPLE: Christmas is THIS Saturday!!!

For some reason it seems like Christmas has snuck up on me this year and although I'm done with my shopping, I still feel very unprepared!

Christmas has always been a VERY busy time of year for me. Growing up, I lived in Orlando, Fl so I can remember many many Christmas's making the super duper long 10 hour drive to Cullman. I loved coming here to see my family. The drive?? Well, not so much!! Now that I'm married I've got double the places to be. Which means double the meals to eat. Which means break out the elastic waste pants and enjoy! Which then makes me want to stick my finger down my throat and barf :)

Since Christmas falls on a Saturday this year we've certainly got one jam packed weekend ahead of us...

Friday, Christmas Eve- Lunch with my mother in law's family, Supper with my father in law's family, and then headed to my parent's house for some chili and hanging out with the fam.

Saturday, Christmas Day- wake up and do Christmas with Robbie and Taylor, lunch with my in law's, then supper with my family

Sunday, Day after Chirstmas- Lunch with my dads family

Whew!! That's a lot of stuff. I get pretty exhausted just thinking about it! That still leaves Christmas with my mom's side of the family, but that date is still to be determined!

I love this time of year and getting to spend time with my family. So, even though I will feel like I've been run over by a reindeer come Monday, I'm still going to try to relax and enjoy.

Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. I'm ready to be off work for a week with you and Taylor. We really should watch it's a wonderful life.

  2. I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life. Maybe next week y'all want to come help paint some rooms blue?? Just a thought... Can't wait to do Christmas tomorrow!!!