Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm a mommy too!

Mothers day is coming up very very soon. God made moms very special. They are the glue that keeps the family together. They always seem to know where I put my shoes and it usually doesn't take more than a look to make you straighten up and act right. I'm more excited about it than usual because this year I am a mommy. I can't believe it. I remember several past mothers days when I thought it would never happen for me, but now look. My prayers were answered and here it is 2010 and I'M A MOMMY!! There's no other feeling in the world like it. I thank God for Taylor every day.

I know most everyone thinks they have the best mother in the world, but I especially think mine is head and shoulders above the rest. I remember my childhood when we would sit on moms bed and play beauty shop and it was awesome. However, some of the best times we had were when I was older. I had lots of friends, but my mom was always the best one. She would always hang out with me. She attended many football and baseball games with me. We shopped until we dropped and laughed so hard the entire time. I always knew I could tell my mom anything. She would give honest advice and even if I only realized it in hindsight, she was always right. I love you so much mom. Even today, a mother myself, there are times when I just need my mommy!! That will never change.

I have a daughter now and I'm realizing more and more every day the feelings my mom had about me. She is growing up so fast and I'm sure before I know it she will be starting school, driving, and one day dating. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about that, but I hope I can be the kind of mother for her that my mom was for me. My best friend!


  1. Your mom does rock!!!! It makes me a little jealous, but then I see that's how I want it to be with my girls!

  2. I feel the same way Becca. After Rylee I realized how hard it must have been on my mom to let me go, let alone move all the way down here. And then have her first grand baby! I dread the day that I'm going to have to let go of Ry. I just hope I can fill her up with as much faith, love, and knowledge as possible before that day comes.

  3. I like your mommy, too. She is just right!