Thursday, April 22, 2010

I NEED cake!

Ever since Taylor was born my one very small sweet tooth has been replaced by a mouth full of gigantic sweet teeth! I love cake. Red Velvet to be exact. I prefer it to be homemade with homemade icing, but lets be realistic, I don't bake and even if I did I wouldn't now because I have a baby hooked to me at all times. Therefore, I settle for Duncan Hines. I don't mind. It certainly appeases my cravings for cake. Well, I have had a fresh box of Duncan Hines moist deluxe Red Velvet cake and cream cheese icing in my pantry for several weeks now. That is a world record for the amount of time a box of cake has sat unbaked and uneaten in my house since my baby was born. Why hasn't it been baked or eaten you ask? Because I'M OUT OF EGGS and desperately need to go to the grocery store!!! Until yesterday that is :) Now some background information you need to know is that since Taylor was so premature they really encouraged us not to have her in large crowds or around sick people until she was at least six months old. That means Wal-Mart was way out of the question. You can't go into Wal-Mart without meeting every other person in Cullman County and finding more snot nose kids than you can count. Meaning I have to wait until Robbie is home and can watch the baby so I can go grocery shopping. And before we start bashing Robbie for not going to get me eggs...he always offers to go or stop on his way home from work to grab a few needed items. Thanks honey :) But for some reason we hadn't been for some time and by now we were so far past stopping for a few things I knew it would be a big trip. Plus I enjoy going, it gets me out of the house every now and then and gives Robbie some time with his baby girl. Time which, as he describes it, sometimes goes over like a fart in a space suit, but it's needed none the less. Anyway, yesterday was the day. $394.00 later we are all stocked up and I HAVE EGGS! I will be enjoying my Red Velvet cake today! Once again, all is well with the world!


  1. Umm.. I want a piece!!! I can't turn down the sweets either... candy, cake, whatever. Just gimme!!

  2. I've been wanting the strawberry shortcake at your mom's surprise birthday party.

  3. I have a huge sweet tooth too! I found you through Rachel's blog. Nice to "meet" you and I can't wait to read more:-) Very cute blog!